Personal data policy

Franchise Fair is a trademark owned and operated by Franchise Group Nordic AB (556658-6615), Karlavägen 12, Stockholm (hereinafter Franchise Fair).

Franchise Fair is an event format that mediates contact between franchisors and people who are interested in becoming a franchisee.


Handling of personal data

Franchise Fair collects personal information about you by filling out an expression of interest. The purpose of this is to be able to help you become a franchisee and to get in touch with the companies that are franchisors.

When an expression of interest is filled in, the information is sent to the company in question, in some cases the information is sent to an external recruiter hired by the company. The information that is forwarded is the one specified in the form. The company will contact you through the information you have provided in the form.

Your personal information will not under any circumstances be sold, rented out or otherwise provided by us to any party other than those stated here.

Franchise Fair is not responsible for the franchisor companies’ handling of your personal data.

If you want to know what personal information Franchise Fair has collected about you, you are welcome to contact us. If you want your personal information deleted, we will do so on request without reservation. Please contact us at hej@franchisefair.se

If you have agreed to be a subscriber to our newsletter, your e-mail address will be saved until you no longer want to subscribe, other information will be deleted after 36 months.