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Elcykelpunkten: E-bike business is booming

The combination of the accelerated pathway to greener mobility solutions and increased awareness in the health and wellness benefits of cycling has led to huge increase in demand, with e-bikes leading the charge. In several countries across Europe, the share of e-bike sales is already 60% of the market. Sweden has doubled sales every year and is starting to catch up but is still only at 20% so it has huge growth potential. Which is why we are very excited to announce that Elcykelpunkten are exhibiting at Franchise Fair 2021.

Elcykelpunkten started in 2017 with the aim of improving public health by getting more people to use e-bikes instead of riding public transport or taking the car. They’ve already had great success with their e-commerce platform and have a proven franchise model which provides excellent training and support to their franchisees and staff.

To find out more about starting your franchising journey with Elcykelpunkten, make sure you visit their exhibition stand on 27th May.